9 Best Rehab Centers In Vermont

Vermont rehab centers and available across the state for those struggling with addiction. Many of these treatment centers provide services such as inpatient and outpatient care, detox, and more.

The 9 best drug rehab centers in Vermont offer unique approaches, such as work-centered therapy, treatment specific to the LGBT community, and gender-specific care for young men.

List Of Vermont Drug Rehab Centers

The facilities on this list were chosen for their variety of services, overall environment, positive experiences, and successful treatment results.

*The facilities on this page have been listed in alphabetical order

1. Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT

Since 1834, Brattleboro Retreat has been helping individuals in their search for recovery and lasting sobriety.

Their specialized programs include those specific to:

Treatment options include both residential and outpatient.

Location and contact info:

1 Anna Marsh Ln
Brattleboro, VT 05302
(802) 257-7785

2. Community Care Network, Rutland, VT

Community Care Network is a center for health services and provides a great variety of services including those for substance abuse.

Recovery care begins with a substance abuse assessment where individuals can choose to participate in the facility’s intensive outpatient treatment program which is based on the 12-step program and includes different therapies.

Community Care Network also offers an aftercare program.

Location and contact info:

78 S Main St
Rutland, VT 05701
(802) 775-2381

3. Lund, Burlington, VT

Lund offers an inpatient addiction treatment program to pregnant women and mothers that allows women to bring their children to treatment.

This program focuses on helping women become better parents while also treating their substance use disorder.

Family therapy is an important aspect of treatment at Lund, as is gender-specific counseling, trauma counseling, and child development services.

Location and contact info:

50 Joy Dr
South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 864-7467

4. Northeast Kingdom Human Services, St. Johnsbury, VT

Through their varied programs, Northeast Kingdom Human Services seeks to assist in making communities better places to live for all individuals.

This facility offers outpatient mental health and substance abuse programs staffed by clinicians, social workers, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychologists.

Location and contact info:

2225 Portland St
St Johnsbury, VT 05819
(802) 748-3181

5. Serenity House, Wallingford, VT

Serenity House is a residential treatment facility for men and women where individuals can find recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Services offered include:

  • detoxification
  • medical consultation
  • individual and group therapy
  • self-help groups
  • aftercare planning

Location and contact info:

98 Church St
Wallingford, VT 05773
(802) 446-2640

6. Spring Lake Ranch, Cuttingsville, VT

Spring Lake Ranch is a unique organization in that its recovery program includes work-centered therapy on a working farm.

Residents will participate in caring for the animals, working in the vegetable and flower gardens, cooking in the kitchen, working with lumber, and participating in anything else needed to keep the ranch running throughout the year.

Location and contact info:

1169 Spring Lake Rd
Shrewsbury, VT 05738
(802) 492-3322

7. Treatment Associates, Montpelier, VT

Treatment Associates, Inc. is a substance abuse treatment center that specializes in Medical-Assisted Therapy (MAT).

They also offer counseling, DUI license reinstatement counseling, and psychiatric and mental health therapy.

Location and contact info:

73 Main St # 39
Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 225-8355

8. Upper Valley Turning Point, White River Junction, VT

Upper Valley Turning Point is a community center for individuals seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

They offer a safe place where recovery groups can meet and individuals can find support. Their program “Wit’s End” is for family members struggling with the substance abuse of an adolescent or young adult and the program “Making Change” serves teens 14-18.

Location and contact info:

200 Olcott Dr
Hartford, VT 05001
(802) 295-5206

9. Valley Vista, Bradford, VT

Valley Vista offers gender-specific inpatient addiction treatment for adults with a separate program for young males ages 16 to 22.

The young adult program provides continuing education for teens.

All programs include:

  • yoga
  • expressive therapies
  • behavioral therapy
  • family counseling
  • gender-specific and age-specific programming

This facility also has a therapy dog to help ease the transition into recovery.

Location and contact info:

23 Upper Plain
Bradford, VT 05033
(802) 222-5201

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