Humana Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, your stay at an inpatient drug rehab center may be covered up to 100 percent if you have Humana insurance.

Humana is a nationwide insurance provider that provides insurance coverage through medicare plans, family and individual plans, as well as employer sponsored plans. Humana does offer prescription drug coverage in addition to their medical coverage, making them a good choice for someone looking for a well-rounded healthcare plan.

Addiction is a scary thing to tackle alone, which is why drug rehab is recommended for most substance abuse issues. Humana’s coverage for inpatient drug rehab, medical detox, and outpatient services can vary from plan to plan. Understanding your individual plan as well as what treatment options are needed for yourself or a loved one can help guide you to make the rehab decision that works best for you.

Does Humana Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

For some addictions, a supervised medical detox may be required in order to safely rid the system of a drug. Alcohol and benzodiazepine addiction, as well as some types of opioid addiction, cause such a severe physical dependence on the body that detoxing from these drugs can actually be life threatening. The biggest risk is that of having a seizure, which is a possible withdrawal symptom of all three drugs.

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Medical detoxes can vary in length depending on the type of drug and length of usage. For some types of addiction, such as benzodiazepine dependence, there is a type of detox known as ‘rapid detox’ that can flush the drug out of the body in 6-8 days. Rapid detox is a fairly new detox method that has not yet been adopted by all insurance providers. Check with your specific insurance plan to see if rapid detox could be an option for you or your loved one.

Most insurance plans through Humana do cover medical detox for drug addiction. The amount of coverage will vary based on which plan you have selected, or which plan your employer has selected for you. Medical need will also play a role in Humana’s coverage for medical detox, as the detox must be deemed ‘medically necessary’ by a physician before the costs will be covered. To qualify as ‘medically necessary,’ the substance addiction must have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms such as the examples listed above.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance

While medical detoxes can be life-saving for some patients, this type of treatment only treats the physical aspect of addiction. Addiction is a two-part illness: the physical withdrawal symptoms of being chemically addicted to a drug, as well as mental or habitual addiction to a substance. Inpatient rehab is designed to treat both the physical and mental components of addiction, with a particular focus on the mental and behavioral aspects surrounding the substance abuse.

Perhaps most importantly, inpatient rehab programs are designed to identify the whys behind the addiction. Why did it start? Why has the addiction continued as long as it has? Why did you choose rehab? Through asking these questions, inpatient rehab programs are able to better facilitate the road to recovery and help prevent the possibility of a relapse.Because of this multi-disciplined approach to addiction rehabilitation, inpatient rehab is considered a vital step in the recovery process.

Through inpatient rehabilitation, a patient is completed removed from their previous environment that they knew with their addiction. Through removing this environment, and the stressors that come along with it, a patient is able to truly focus on their recovery without the temptations of their previous life. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a family to choose a drug rehab facility that is located out-of-state to place their loved one far from any connections and enablers that may want to drag that individual back down to where they started.

Humana Inpatient Drug Rehab Coverage

Humana’s level of coverage for inpatient drug rehab will vary based on your individual policy. It is important to check with your insurance provider to see what type of drug rehab is covered and what other stipulations the coverage holds. For many insurance providers, length of stay and type of rehab facility will make an impact on the amount of coverage a patient is eligible for.

We have become accustomed to seeing ‘celebrity rehab’ centers on reality TV shows and in the news. While these facilities look extravagant and may seem out of reach, there are many ‘luxury’ drug rehab centers available to anyone that are covered by some insurance plans. Some types of luxury may not seem important for your recovery process, but the amenities offered by these types of rehab centers can help you find other passions and hobbies that are intended to fill the tough days as a distraction from your addiction.

You may be wondering if inpatient drug rehab is right for you, but the truth is it’s right for everyone. Inpatient rehab can be very customizable to each individual patient. The benefit in this is the ability to dig deeper and discover the behavior behind how and why an addiction begins in the first place. Through discovering this, the chances of a relapse later on are greatly reduced.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Following inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab can be a valuable tool to help provide guidance for patients as they head back to their day-to-day lives. The intention of outpatient rehab is to ensure patients still have access to support on their toughest days.

The intensity of outpatient rehab varies from program to program. Some of the more intense programs provide meetings several times per week, as well as counseling and even drug therapies for certain types of addictions. Less intense programs generally hold meetings once per week or once every other week, as well as 24/7 contact with a sponsor and events held for other alumni of inpatient drug rehab.

Surrounding yourself with a network of people who understand the struggles you’ve been through can significantly reduce the chance of a relapse. Outpatient programs may have an end date, but the network you build through these programs will can last for the rest of your life. Never be afraid to lean on someone for help when you don’t feel strong enough by yourself.

Humana Coverage For Outpatient Treatment

Humana recognizes the need for support long after a patient completes an inpatient rehab program. The insurance company does provide coverage for many outpatient services, including their own ‘aftercare’ program. Aftercare can help set a patient up with an outpatient 12-step program (such as alcoholics anonymous) as well as provide phone support around the clock for 30 days following discharge.

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Other outpatient programs are available that can be covered by Humana insurance. While there are options that will be recommended to you by a physician, inpatient rehab facility, or Humana, the ultimate decision in a rehab program is always up to you. Always evaluate all of your choices, and make the decision that you believe will be most successful for yourself or a loved one.

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