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Those suffering from the pains of addiction can turn to rehab centers to assist with the detoxification, recovery and rehabilitation processes.

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Heroin and opioid addictions have (unfortunately) become increasingly common throughout  the United States. Whether it’s the big city, suburbia, or the country, addiction to opiates have left many families devastated. was created by a passionate group of individuals looking to help families find the right addiction treatment program for their loved one. With so many rehab centers in the United States, it’s hard to decide where to start.

It is our mission to help anyone struggling with an addiction to find a program that fits their individual needs and finances. No matter your situation, we will find a solution. Contact us today.

Opioid Addiction

Prescription opioid and heroin addiction has become an epidemic in the United States. Learn how to get help for yourself for a loved one.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab

For individuals struggling with an addiction to opioids or other drugs, a stay at an inpatient drug rehab center is often the best first step one can take to get clean and sober.

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Rehab Insurance Coverage

The cost of going to rehab can vary dramatically depending on the facility and level of care. With the right insurance plan, your stay at a treatment center may be covered up to 100 percent.

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Browse Drug Rehab Centers

No matter where you live, there is a drug rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. Whether it is opioids, alcohol, or illicit drugs, we can help you find treatment based on your location, budget, and specific needs and help you get started quickly.

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Commonly Abused Opioids


The prescription opioid drug epidemic has lead to an increase in heroin use and addiction throughout the United States. Heroin is one of the biggest threats to individuals under the age of 30.

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Since the 1990's oxycodone has been one of the most abused and sought after prescription opioids. Oxycodone is the main ingredient in Oxycontin, Roxicodone, and Percocet.

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Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid manufactured from codeine, which is derived from the opium poppy. Vicodin, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is the most prescribed prescription opiate in the United States.

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Morphine is the most potent of all the opioids derived from opium. Like other opioids, morphine acts on the body’s central nervous system (CNS). Due to it's high potency, morphine is frequently sought out by prescription drug abusers.

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