Health Net Drug And Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Health Net insurance plans may include coverage for behavioral healthcare, including treatment for drug or alcohol rehabilitation and services which treat co-occurring mental health disorders.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabs That Accept Health Net Insurance

Making good use of your Health Net insurance plan can increase your access to substance abuse treatment, programs which can help you to build better health and sobriety within your life.

If you’re in need of treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, familiarizing yourself with your Health Net benefits can help you to get comprehensive care that best utilizes your financial resources and supports your sobriety goals.

Health Net Is Committed To Bettering Your Health

Health Net, a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, offers coverage to individuals residing in Arizona, California, or Oregon.

Health Net’s coverage includes benefits offered through group, individual, Medicare, Medicaid, dual eligible programs, and employee assistance programs. Behavioral healthcare, including substance abuse treatment programs, is offered within their benefits; availability of this coverage will be determined by the specifics of your particular plan.

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“Health Net’s mission is to help people be healthy, secure and comfortable;” as detailed on their website. Selecting treatment at a facility that accepts Health Net insurance can help you to obtain these states within your life. The most effective addiction treatment programs, including those which Health Net may cover, are committed to helping you build better health and a secure, sober future.

The Role Of Health Net Within Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

It can be overwhelming to confront an addiction and plan for treatment. Worrying about the cost of treatment can make this undertaking even more intimidating. Fortunately, your Health Net insurance plan may make this process easier. By fully understanding your benefits, and the way by which they cover substance abuse treatment, you’re ensuring that you receive the best treatment available within your coverage options.

Every insurance plan has a different spectrum of care, including if, and how, substance abuse treatment is covered. If you have a state health plan, such as Cal MediConnect or Health Net Medi-Cal, the extent of your access to substance abuse treatment may be determined or influenced by these programs.

Once you determine if substance abuse treatment is covered you need to find out what services are included within these benefits. Typically, detoxification, outpatient treatment, and inpatient drug rehabilitation programs are the basic forms of care which are covered.

Your coverage for drug and alcohol treatment (and the costs associated with it) will vary from plan to plan. In brief, coverage is often limited to a set number of days; within this time, a set dollar amount or percentage may be covered, either per day or per treatment program.

Further, certain medications necessary for treatment may be covered, the exact cost of which is determined by your copay or coinsurance. To better understand these features of your coverage, you can contact Health Net or reach out to one of our trained treatment specialists.

To create an individualized treatment plan for your life, and to optimize your insurance benefits, it’s useful to compare your needs against the cost associated with treatment. Cost should not be the defining factor when you seek treatment, but understanding how to utilize your insurance coverage can make the most out of your out-of-pocket payments, so that you can obtain the highest standard of care which meets your needs.

To do this, identify your deductible, copay or coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximum. The combination of these factors determines how much money you will be responsible for putting into the costs associated with treatment. If you find that you cannot afford your total out-of-pocket expenses, we can work with you to identify other payment options which may provide the flexibility and assistance you require.

Health Net Covers Both Inpatient And Outpatient Treatment

When looking for treatment many individuals question whether outpatient or inpatient treatment would best serve their needs. Any time you’re considering treatment and looking at treatment centers it’s important to remember that treatment needs vary per individual and their unique circumstances.

The drug of abuse, frequency and intensity of use, severity of the addiction, and length of abuse all influence the type and length of treatment, in addition to the methods used once enrolled. Other factors influence these things as well, including medical conditions, co-occurring mental health disorders, the presence or lack of a support network, and even personal lifestyle preferences.

Outpatient programs play an important role within treatment, namely as a resource for those who need to step down from inpatient treatment. Individuals who desire to refresh themselves on important recovery principles also find benefit from these programs as do those working to build sobriety after a mild relapse.

The residential setting of inpatient drug rehabilitation centers offer greater stability, protection from harmful triggers for relapse, and access to important treatment methods than do outpatient treatment programs. The sum of these things and others make inpatient treatment quite often the better choice for those striving to overcome a moderate to severe addiction or for individuals looking to reclaim sobriety after a severe relapse.

Understanding The Treatment Process

Depending on your treatment needs, the drug of abuse, and the presence and severity of a physical dependency, treatment may be a two-step process. In many cases, a physical dependency to certain drugs warrants a medically-supervised detoxification prior to rehabilitation for the psychological addiction.

A medically-supervised detoxification provides individuals with a safe and supportive environment in which to cleanse their body from the drug of abuse. Withdrawal can be very painful and uncomfortable; should a person detox at home without the proper medical support (including, in most cases, medications) a person is far more apt to relapse.

While detoxification addresses the physical components of addiction, a rehabilitation program focuses on treating the psychological aspects of addiction. Emotional and mental struggles which either preceded or arose from the addiction are best addressed by behavioral therapies and counseling.

These treatment methods are delivered by a combination of individual and group sessions, so that a person can has ample opportunity to heal and grow. Therapy and counseling sessions focus on identifying and uprooting negative thoughts and behaviors which feed an addictive state, so that a person can progress to a more balanced, sober life.

During this time a person will have the support and guidance of highly-trained therapists and counselors who are committed to teaching coping, relapse prevention, and stress reduction skills. These skills help a person to be grounded within their recovery so that they’re more capable of handling the pressures of life after treatment.

More Ways To Cover Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Even after factoring your insurance benefits into your treatment plan, treatment can still be expensive for many people. Treatment cost is one of the biggest barriers people cite as a reason for refraining from seeking treatment, and unfortunately, many individuals don’t seek the care they need for this very reason. But what many people don’t realize is that a variety of payment options and financial assistance exists beyond paying out of pocket and/or using insurance.

If you’re struggling to come up with the remaining payment required for treatment, contact the facility you’re interested in attending, or let us assist you. A number of treatment centers offer sliding fee scales which may significantly reduce your out-of-pocket payments. In addition to this, certain facilities partner with financial agencies to provide financing options to their clients. Scholarships, both those which are facility-specific or those which may be used at numerous locations, are other valuable resources worth examining.

Find A Rehab Center That Accepts Health Net Today

No matter what your budget or life circumstances, if you’re facing a drug or alcohol addiction seeking help is the biggest investment in your future you can make.

Contact us today for more information on how you can use your insurance coverage to obtain drug or alcohol treatment.


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