Drug And Alcohol Rehabs That Accept Assurant Health – Assurant Health Rehab Coverage

If you have Assurant Health and are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, your stay at an inpatient drug rehab center may be covered up to 100 percent (depending on a number of factors).

Your Assurant Health Insurance benefits may include coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Utilizing these benefits can help you to have more opportunities for the healing, growth, and support which drug rehabilitation offers.

Assurant Offers Flexible Drug Rehab Coverage

Assurant offers in-network coverage which potentially includes treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Assurant explains that “In addition to your primary PPO network, Assurant Health offers you access to negotiated discounts from nationally based providers.” What this means is that you have more options for treatment in your time of need.

Further, should you desire treatment out-of-network, you may still have options. Assurance elaborates on this, noting that “In the event your providers are not in your primary network, you can still receive discounts for services by choosing a provider that participates in Assurant Health’s secondary networks.”

As you begin searching for treatment programs, we can help you to determine both your in-network and out-of-network treatment options. Out-of-network treatment may be more expensive and have higher copays, but some people prefer this option as it gives them greater access to a variety of different treatment modules.

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Using Your Assurance Insurance For An Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

While it may be tempting to think that your treatment options are limited by only considering those covered by your insurance, doing so actually helps to ensure you have the opportunity for more comprehensive care. Your insurance coverage may make private drug rehab a more viable treatment option, in addition to extending the length of time you’re able to receive treatment for.

Without insurance, you might be responsible for paying for the majority or entirety of cost associated with treatment. For many, when considering personal finances, this is not a feasible option. Even if your insurance coverage doesn’t pay for your whole treatment stay, it can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket burden.

Many insurance plans will cover a certain percentage of treatment. Others may put a cap on the amount of coverage they provide per day or the total amount of days you’re allowed to remain in treatment for. Should these restrictions prevent you from seeking the form and length of treatment you require, there’s additional ways to pay for treatment.

As you look at treatment facilities, take note which are considered in-network (also called your primary network). If you’re uncertain about this, either your insurance provider or our treatment specialists can help you to determine how a facility is categorized.

In-network facilities can access your benefits more fully, by typically granting you more options and smaller copays. Out-of-network treatment may still be covered, however the assistance you’ll receive may be much less.

Selecting The Best Addiction Treatment Program For Your Needs

The best treatment, by design, is individualized in nature. This means that your treatment plan is structured around and customized to your unique needs and circumstances. Choosing a drug rehab facility which offers this care gives you greater opportunities for the success, healing, and personal growth which is foundational to a strong recovery.

As you beginning looking at your life and your treatment needs, certain factors should stand out as being important within the decision process. Your clinical assessment will also focus on these things, though we can also help you to identify pertinent factors to consider as you begin creating a treatment plan.

Your treatment needs may be based on the answers to these and other questions:

  • What drug(s) form the addiction?
  • How long have you struggled with substance abuse?
  • How severe is the addiction?
  • Is a medically-supervised detox necessary?
  • Are you currently facing any health or medical conditions that need special care?
  • Will you need treatment for a co-occurring mental health disorder like anxiety, depression, or any other?
  • What family, personal, or career/vocational obligations do you have which may influence your treatment decision?
  • How long can you afford to miss work for?
  • What’s your support system like?
  • Does Assurant Health Cover Suboxone (For Opioid Addiction) and other Medication-Assisted Treatment?

If you’re looking at your options, you may wonder whether outpatient treatment or inpatient drug rehab would be better for your needs.

Outpatient care has a more limited application within the treatment process. Though beneficial within certain roles, it does not offer the protection from external triggers and negative influences that inpatient treatment does. Further, you do not have the access to the intensive level of care, including therapy and counseling, that is offered within an inpatient program.

Inpatient drug rehab is typically the best option for individuals facing moderate to severe addictions, especially those who require a medically-supervised detox. Detoxification is a process designed to help those working to overcome addiction to alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids cleanse their body and combat symptoms of withdrawal.

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Other Ways To Help Supplement The Cost Of Rehab

Even if your Assurant Health plan doesn’t offer enough coverage to pay for your entire stay at treatment, there’s still a variety of means which could help you cover treatment expenses. Sometimes loved ones are willing to help out and see it as an investment in a sober future. If this isn’t an option, crowdfunding, medical credit cards, or personal loans may help to meet what’s required.

In addition to these venues, some facilities may offer income-based, sliding fee scales. Financing options through the facility of your choice may also be available, or even a scholarship.

The bottom line is, if treatment could change your life, this should be your priority. Addiction can cost far more than money; the price on your life and health can be devastating. Choosing treatment now, while at times expensive, will likely save you money over time and may even protect your life.

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