Evzio (Naloxone) HCL Injection: Opioid Overdose Antidote

Naloxone: Opioid Overdose Antidote

Opioid overdoses take the lives of thousands of people every year in the United States. Some people don’t understand the severity of increasing the dose of an opioid beyond what the doctor prescribes. However, taking too much of an opioid can result in increased tolerance, physical dependence, addiction, and overdose. The use of Evzio Hydrochloride (HCL) may give you enough time to save someone’s life from opioid overdose.

Over the last century, the United States has been combating an increasing opioid epidemic. This catastrophe has been especially prevalent over the last 15 years or so. Prescription opioids killed more than 183,000 people in the U.S. from 1999 to 2015. What’s more is that it’s getting worse. In 2015 alone, opioid overdoses killed more than 33,000 people —which averages out to about 91 people per day. More deaths than any year up to that point.

What if overdose could be temporarily reversed? Could a medicine potentially make an overdose less fatal, or allow more time for paramedics to save someone’s life?

Evzio HCL is a medicine that claims to do all of those things by temporarily reversing the effects of opioid medicines. It “helps caregivers take fast, confident action administering naloxone during an opioid emergency.” Up to this point, Evzio reports to have saved the lives of 3,600.


What Is Evzio And How Is It Used?

Evzio Hydrochloride (HCL) is an effective way to treat an opioid emergency such as overdose, or even a potential overdose. An injection of Evzio is to be given right away if the signs of opioid overdose are present. Keep in mind that Evzio doesn’t take the place of emergency medical care.

Evzio can be used in children or adults who are showing the signs of an opioid overdose, and works because of its active ingredient naloxone hydrochloride. Naloxone is used to block or reverse the effects of opioid narcotics such as drowsiness, loss of consciousness, or slowed breathing.

If you intend to use Evzio for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to communicate to caregivers, other family members, and friends where it is that you store Evzio, because in the case of an overdose, many people lose consciousness and quickly become unresponsive.

What Are The Signs Of An Opioid Overdose?

As just mentioned a person may be unresponsive or unconscious if they overdose on opioids, but what if someone just seems like they’re really tired and goes to bed? It can be crucial, as a friend or a family member, to know the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose.

An opioid overdose victim may exhibit some of the following symptoms:

  • Their face is extremely pale and/or feels clammy to the touch
  • Their body goes limp
  • Their fingernails or lips have a purple or blue color
  • They start vomiting or making gurgling noises
  • They cannot be awakened or are unable to speak
  • Their breathing or heart rate slows or stops

An opioid overdose generally happens by accident, and a person can even overdose on a legal prescription.

What often happens is someone starts using a specified dose of an opioid, but it doesn’t work so they take more without notifying their doctor. Upping an opioid dose may seem harmless, but it can be dangerous, and not only can result in overdose, it can actually result in building up a tolerance, developing dependence and becoming addicted as well.

Understanding Opioid Addiction

Not everyone who uses a prescribed opioid will become addicted, and not everyone who becomes addicted to opioids will move on to heroin. Unfortunately addiction is not something you plan for, but the brain is chemically inclined to seek euphoria. For some people, this feeling is found with substance abuse.

The fact is, “nearly 80 percent of people who use heroin report having first misused prescription opioids. While only a small portion of people who misuse pain relievers switch to heroin. Both heroin and opioid pill use can lead to addiction and overdose” (NIDA for Teens).

When a person takes an opioid painkiller, the chemical binds to the natural molecules known as opioid receptors in their brain. These molecules send the message to the brain that there’s significantly less pain, and hence the opioid “kills” the pain.

Opioids also affect how the brain feels pleasure, and when a person takes the drug for reasons other than pain, another natural chemical called dopamine floods the brain and makes them feel relaxed, drowsy, and elated.

As this same person continues taking the medication, their brain becomes used to this overflow of dopamine and may slow down natural production of it over time. After dopamine production has decreased, a person will can quickly become dependent on an opioid to feel happy or normal.

A person who has become physically dependent on opioids may start to feel depressed, irritable, or anxious when they stop taking the medicine or illicit drug. These are known commonly referred to as opioid withdrawal symptoms, and can also include gastrointestinal issues with diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Even though some opioids are more potent than others, all of them have potential to be abused. Here’s a list of commonly abused opioids and opiates:

Frequently Asked Questions About Evzio (Naloxone Hydrochloride)

There are almost always questions that follow a new idea or product. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about Evzio HCL:

What do I do after giving someone an in injection of Evzio?

Evzio does not claim to be a cure for an overdose. It’s only a temporary solution, but it can buy a loved one enough time to dial 911 and wait for emergency medical professionals to arrive. Note: It’s crucial to watch over somebody who’s had an overdose, even if you’ve already given them an injection of Evzio.

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What happens if opioid symptoms return after using Evzio?

According to the Evzio site, “The signs and symptoms of an opioid emergency can return within several minutes after Evzio is given. If this happens, give additional injections using new Evzio auto-injectors every 2 to 3 minutes and continue to closely watch the person until emergency help is received.”

How much does Evzio cost?

For people who have private insurance, it can be available for nothing out of pocket. Kaléo (the maker of Evzio) understands the importance of getting Evzio to everyone who needs it for an emergency.

What if I don’t have private insurance to pay for Evzio?

Through the KALÉO CARES Patient Assistance Program, patients who are experiencing financial difficulties may be able to receive EVZIO at no cost. To be eligible for assistance, a patient must:

  • Be a legal U.S. resident
  • Not have any government or commercial drug coverag
  • Not have commercial insurance or be eligible for state or federal government insurance such as Medicare and TRICARE
  • Have an annual household income less than $100,000
  • How To Learn More About Evzio And Addiction Treatment

If you would like to know more about how to treat an opioid addiction contact us today. The rehab specialists at OpioidTreatment.net are here to help find the best program for yourself or a loved one.



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